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Meridian Asset Management L.L.C is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm providing direct access to experienced Portfolio Management and Investment Planning services. Meridian applies fundamental analysis and other proven investment strategies and processes in the context of the individual circumstances, goals and income needs. Portfolios are structured and developed to be consistent with a clients understanding and acceptance of the associated risks inherent in the underlying recommended investments. The client establishes an investment policy framework for the portfolio with the advisor and it is reviewed periodically with the client. Meridian does not need to take custody or direct control of investments to manage them so for added security they remain in individual name, the title of the trust, retirement account or organization. Meridian entered into an agreement with Charles Schwab Institutional Services, to gain access to the exchanges, technology and a robust open architecture platform. Aside from reasonable trading costs to Meridians clients, Charles Schwab Inc. offers Investment Advisors access to a web based service and trading platform. Meridians managers also opted to lease software from a subsidiary of Schwabs to obtain secure daily transaction and pricing downloads that facilitate portfolio management and performance reporting. While it is not mandatory that one opens a Schwab account to work with out firm, we are simply better prepared to serve clients when they do. Meridian clients often grant permission to trade directly in their accounts at Meridians discretion, and we also offer a non-discretionary agreement where written permission is required in advance of each trade or group of trades recommended in the account. In all cases, we like to share our activity and ideas directly with our clients by phone and keep them informed with regards to changes in the accounts.

Geographic Area

Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Line of Business

Finance > Investment Services and Advisors > Investment Management Services

Brands We Carry

We are structured to deliver sound counsel and perform objective management without favoring brands... our only product is our service.

Products And Services

Portfolio Management for Individuals, Trusts and Institutions. If you have an investment portfolio that needs attention or are working to accumulate one, let us help

Discounts Offered

Affordable and competitively priced. No commissions or hidden fees. Complimentary consultation.

Additional Information

Managing members of Meridian, have each served tenures as portfolio managers within the Trust Departments of Fortune 500 banks and have over 47 years of combined industry experience.

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